Who’s Behind the Camera ?

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My name is Mario Papafó (born Marios Papaphotiou, Greek: Μάριος Παπαφωτίου) and I am a photographer based in London UK, but you’ll often find me catching some sun in the beautiful island of Cyprus, cycling through a narrow street in Amsterdam, enjoying a masterfully prepared espresso in Rome, or maybe crossing a bridge in cities in Central Europe.

While having the photo bug from an early age, maybe from watching my father mastering a Canon A-1 SLR or maybe because sometimes… when a breeze was going through my face while the sun was setting into the horizon and everything around felt like they were in perfect harmony I wanted to freeze the moment, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided that I wanted to really experience how light could affect the world around me as it’s seen through the lens.

Although I’m mostly trying to experiment and explore different ways to squeeze the whole world on a 36 mm × 24 mm sensor, film or digital, I will occasionally take on a freelance opportunity, if the timing is right and the project is of interest.

Until the next click…

Mario Papafó